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"I joined the band over two years ago as my son was already playing in the band. I must admit I was quite nervous when I joined as I hadn't played for over 25 years, but it is quite like riding a bicycle - you don't forget. I really enjoy playing for two hours a week, it is stress free and also great for well being. I have also enjoyed giving back to the community, music is fun, performing at the daffodil festival in Mells to a nursing home in Frome. Remembrance service at St Johns to busking Christmas carols on Christmas Eve, never a dull moment. I would thoroughly recommend in joining Frome Town Band, whether it is for music, friendship or to have fun. "

I like band because...

"Playing in Frome Town Band makes me feel like part of the local community"


"It's fun and I like playing music with other people"


"I like playing music in a group"


"It's great and affordable to introduce kids to playing in a band, and they have a great time too"


"I like the music we play"


"I love band because i have a new baritone"


"It's a laugh"


"It's a chance to de-stress and have fun playing music with friends"


"They allow old men to have a go without insisting on a perfect performance"

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